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BereaveMe provides personalized bereavement gift products for unique grief journeys, offering comfort and support. Our user-friendly store and knowledgeable staff make the bereavement process easier. Thank you for choosing BereaveMe as your healing partner.

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We built Bereave-Me with one main goal; to give people in grief what they need not what people think they need. 

In November 2022 my father passed away. Overwhelmed with grief I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by family and friends with love and many different sympathy gifts. The bereavement gifts were generous, but many were not necessarily what we needed or wanted during our grieving.  After some thought I realized that the intentions of the grief gifts were genuine however people were not aware of what we really needed because of a lack of sharing to them our needs. As much as I love cheesecake, we didn’t need 5 of them in one week. 

I knew then there had to be a better way to show and give people in grief a more felt filled representation of compassion. The result would benefit both the people in grief and those wanting to truly express their support through thoughtful gift choices. 

Bereave-Me launched in 2023, six months after my father passed away. We are hoping to become the leading registry where people can view and get to choose gifts that truly express their support of those who are in one of the biggest challenges of their lives: Grief.

 “98% of people help when asked, Only 2% of people will ask for help”.  

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